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 Mixing Music 

Mixing Music is a subjective art and it is almost impossible to please everyone with a mixing stlye.

A lot depends on the song and the genre of music but even then one person may like a mix that someone else can't stand. It doesn't take too much more thinking to realise that two people will usually mix the same track with very different results!

@kaaptien we can help you with getting a mix you are looking for. What is important to us and the most important to know before we create a mix for you; is to understand what you are aiming for and what you would like your track to sound like, do you need more balance to the track, more bass, vocals to stand out more, panning of the instruments and sound, more reverb, less treble. 

If you have a project you want us to look at then contact us at or send us the files via the drop box for a review, tell us what you would like improved and we will support your mixdown ready for mastering.

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