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Frequently Asked Questions

How are we different?

@ Kaap Tien records we believe that the artists come first and deserve to get a fairer share of their royalties and revenue from album sales and streaming revenue. A rolling stone article recently stated that Artists only receive 12% of the revenue made in the current Music Industry. An industry that currently has a revenue of $43 billion, Artists are receiving only $5 billion. Kaap Tien records want our Artists to receive 70% of the profit created by sales, streaming, and publishing, this is the new model that we are creating. Link to the article 

What will IT cost me? 

That is a good question, if you have your music mixed and mastered, album cover already sorted then it will not cost you anything to join the label and have your music distributed through our label. We can provide cover art, mixing and mastering services for artists that need it, these costs will be covered from revenue sales. 

How is my music Distributed?

Cape 10 Records will provide worldwide distribution to all artists signed to the label and to other record labels requiring the service. We provide major label distribution at a fraction of the cost and with you the artist going through a label then you will hit all the main online streaming and stores out there in over 140 countries. This will include spotify, apple music, deezer, amazon and beatport for EDM music. The label will cover the costs for distribution.

Where are you based and what Genres are you looking for?

We are based in the Western Cape of South Africa and we intend to provide these services to all South Africans from all music genres. We believe in collaboration in the modern music industry and removing a lot of the barriers associated with the industry. The Artist in our business model sets to gain more revenue this way. 


If you want to test us with one album then that is fine by us. If Artists would like more than one album contracts then we are more than happy to oblige. Even an EP and single track will be considered by Cape Ten.

What about promotion?

Social Media and self-promotion is time-consuming and can be a costly affair, in order for you to have the time to be creative; Cape Ten will help to promote your music to the right channels.  Self promotion is the real winner and getting your fan base up is your responsibility as much as it is ours.

COuld I not do this myself?

The journey  to get music ready for distribution is long and costly , that is something that new artists cannot afford. Also going through a record label will have more success as the artists are taken more seriously by distributors. Spotify do have a facility for artists to go it alone, but that is only increasing subscribers and some of the music is not mastered correctly and is open to fraud. Collaborating collectively is the way forward and you can get distributed for free through us to 600 platforms worldwide.

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